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Quality Lawn Maintenance

Our mowing programs are a service we value a lot. We use the best equipment the industry provides to meet our high expectations. Each lawn gets a Luxury lawn & Landscape assessment so that we can provide the best adjustments and mowing practices that are specially tailored for your property. We offer several different schedules for maintaining your lawn to where it best fits your needs and budget. Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly are our main programs provided.

  • Trash on property is removed before any service is preformed.

  • Grass clippings will be removed or discharged. Whichever best fits your property’s needs.

  • Edging will be performed on any curbs, sidewalks, driveways, etc for a clean cut edge.

  • String trimming will be preformed around any trees, walls, landscaping, etc that make this necessary.

  • All debris on curbs, sidewalks, driveways, etc will be blown off to finish the job.

Landscape Maintenance

We have a distinctive landscape maintenance program to make sure your beds are always immaculate. Weeding of all landscape beds, tree wells, and planters will be maintained on bi-weekly or monthly basis according to preference of customer. Weed control will be accomplished by a combination of hand pulling, and chemical applications.  All shrubs will be trimmed according to natural shape, or to conform to the design of the present landscape. We have several different mulch/rock products to really make your landscape stand out.

Creative Landscape Design and Installation

Our state of the art landscape design and installation can turn your property into the place you always dreamed of. When we design a landscape we pick at the customers brain and get all ideas they like and dislike, so we can design the most accurate landscape that’s tailored just for them. From all the different varieties of colors and plants Luxury Lawn & Landscaping uses, your landscape will be sure to stand out and be one of a kind. From the plants to the retaining walls to the walkways Luxury Lawn & Landscaping provides any landscape service that is sure to be above the competition

Lawn Renovation Services

Our lawn renovation services are next to none. We provide the services you need to have the nicest property around. We offer sodding of tall fescue and Bermuda that is grown locally. If you don’t want to go with the “instant” new lawn we offer seeding with the finest tall fescue blend. Lawn aeration and verti-cutting is another premiere service Luxury Lawn & Landscaping offers in spring and fall. No need to look any further Luxury Lawn & Landscaping can have you a new lush green lawn in no time. 

Tree Trimming and Removals

Luxury Lawn & Landscaping variety of tree services can get all your trees back in shape or just simply gone! We offer a full tree service line doing removals, stump grinding, brush removal and pruning. Give us a call today to have your tree service done by a professional.

Snow and Ice Removal

Our 24/7 emergency snow removal and ice control fleet is in full force when the winters worst times spill on us. Luxury Lawn & Landscaping works day in and day out to make sure you don’t ever have to deal with snow and ice on your property. We offer a full line of residential and commercial snow and ice removal programs. From your parking lots to your sidewalks, Luxury Lawn & Landscaping will take care of all your needs so you don’t have the hassles of snow or ice on your property.

Holiday Lighting

Holiday lighting is the newest service offered by Luxury Lawn & Landscaping. Call for more info. More details to come! 

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